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The city that was described as the " noble city of Yazd " by Marco Polo, the famous Venetian merchant, and adventurer, who traveled Europe and Asia for many years and sill this old city is located in the middle of Iran about 270 km southeast of Isfahan a wonderful place worth visiting. Yazd city is an exceptionally good example of a traditional human settlement which is representative of the interaction of man and nature in a desert environment with its backed clay bricks architecture, city has escaped the modernization which is responsible for destroying many traditional towns around the world, the qanat way system, old and traditional houses, mosques, Zoroastrian temples synagogues, bazaars, old hammams, Dolat-Abad historical garden, and many more interesting sights still in their original states. Since the Sasanian era, Yazd has been famous for beautiful silky textile manufacturers that were rivaled in later periods The city is still a major center of silk weaving that is still available around the city. Yazd still inhabits Zoroastrians whom their ancestors had to flee toward Yazd and Kerman after Muslim Arabs invaded and conquered Iran, and the city is now the last most populated center of Zoroastrianism in Iran.

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Espad Travel is an Iranian tour operator active and specialized in Inbound tourism of Iran with more than 6 shining years of experience working with travel agencies & tour operators from all over the world. Whether you are seeking an economic tour or a luxurious one,Espad Travel has been privileged to provide the services to those who want to travel to beautiful and mysterious Iran.

Why Iran?

Iran is an astonishing new destination which is all attractions combined in one (note able history, ancient and rare architecture, awesome culture and great nature, etc..) thus as a result, it can be a brilliant destination located in Middle-East suitable for different types of travel lovers by different travel desires. Espad travel is inviting you to explore this amazing destination and use our services throughout your visit.

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Yazd Daily Tour

Yazd, one of the ancient Iranian cities, is where to explore some of the most fascinating attractions of Iran which are mainly about historical and ancient monuments. Here in Yazd, Espad Travel is going to provide you with daily tours of Iran to take you to the most highlighted sites of Yazd locating within different parts of the city. We're honored to provide our Yazd daily tours in different styles, from the most luxurious VIP & private tours to the budget group tours. Don't forget that WE SPEAK YOUR LANGUAGE,this is why your Yazd daily tour will be an amazing experience for those non-english speaking tourists.

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Yazd Daily Tours

Top things to do in Yazd

Yazd is a living testimony to the desert man's intelligent use of limited resources that are available for survival in a dry land. The Qanat water system brings water to the city, and each part of the city is built on its own qanat and have a dedicated communal center. Buildings are built of earth mud. The use of earth and mud in buildings includes walls and roofs by the construction of domes and vaults. Houses have below ground levels for cooler climate during hot summer days and they are built with courtyards, Wind-catchers for air conditioning, and the thick earthen walls that create a small restricted area that has a more pleasant climate.

The Old Town

With its numerous badgirs (windtowers) rising above a labyrinth of adobe roofs, the historic old city of Yazd is one of the oldest towns on earth.

Tower of silence

The Tower of Silence or the Zoroastrian Crypt contains two hollow stone towers called the older one by its creator.

Jame Mosque

The Jāmeh Mosque of Yazd is the grand, congregational mosque of Yazd city, within the Yazd Province of Iran.

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Top Yazd hotels

 Annually, thousands of local and foreign tourists travel to Yazd. Therefore, this city provides them with fine accommodation services and hotels. Travelers can find luxurious hotels with full amenities or they can stay in the houses of hospitable people of Yazd.

Where to stay in Yazd?

Through your memorable travel to Iran, you’ll be shocked by the awesome variety of different hotels, this is how it would be possible to consider Iran as a unique destination. It’s really hard to find somewhere which is possessing some traditional boutique houses to be restored and now being used as hotels, while embracing the modern 5 star hotels which are somehow close to the international standards of hotelier industry. Iran is right this destination by embracing a vast number of hotel varied in the category and the types of services.

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Top Yazd restaurants

Foods in Yazd can be a fascinating part of your tour to Iran and specially in Yazd. Different types of foods and vary vast range of restaurants are waiting for you. Espad Travel is going to introduce the majority of most highlighted restaurants in Yazd.

Silk Road

The Silk Road Hotel is a favorite among backpackers in Yazd for its laidback atmosphere and very reasonable rates.


Mozaffar Traditional Restaurant is located in central Yazd, just a 10-minute walk away from the Amir Chakhmaq complex.

Termeh & Toranj

Termeh & Toranj Restaurant One of the old houses of Yazd that is renovated and changed into a traditional restaurant.

More Yazd Restaurants

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