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Where to stay in Yazd?

Through your memorable travel to Iran, you’ll be shocked by the awesome variety of different hotels, this is how it would be possible to consider Iran as a unique destination. It’s really hard to find somewhere which is possessing some traditional boutique houses to be restored and now being used as hotels, while embracing the modern 5 star hotels which are somehow close to the international standards of hotelier industry. Iran is right this destination by embracing a vast number of hotel varied in the category and the types of services.

All Yazd Hotels

Safaiyeh Hotel

The first five star hotel in Yazd. Parsian Hotel Safaieh is one of the 22 hotels of Parsian Hotels Company which was established in 1335.

Dad Hotel

Now after more than 30 years, the old Dad garage has become a 4star hotel and benefits from all the today's facilities in the world's best hotels.

Fazeli Hotel

Fazeli Hotel Yazd is equivalent to a 3 star hotel. It is just a few steps away from Yazd city centre and just a 4-minutes walk from the bus station.

Shaarbaf Hotel

As the location of Shaarbaf Traditional Hotel is somewhere in Faahaadan region, you can be ensured that there are many attractions nearby.

Moshir al-Mamalek Hotel

The beauty and serenity of Moshir Al-Mamalek Garden Hotel is really stunning and it has become one of the best accommodating places in Yazd.

Laleh Hotel

3 star Laleh Hotel in Yazd with unique traditional architecture and great facilities is ready to host travelers of Yazd.

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