Top Yazd Restaurants

Espad Travel is trying to provide you with the most highlighted restaurants in Yazd that you can refer to, here in Yazd. To some extent, Yazd is where you can taste a variety of different types of foods and restaurants, from the most ancient and traditional restaurants and foods to the most luxurious and expensive ones. So, referring to Yazd restaurants can be a chance to enjoy more within your Yazd Trip.

Silk Road Restaurant

The Silk Road Hotel is a favorite among backpackers in Yazd for its laidback atmosphere and very reasonable rates.

Mozaffar Restaurant

Mozaffar Traditional Restaurant is located in central Yazd, just a 10-minute walk away from the Amir Chakhmaq complex.

Termeh & Toranj Restaurant

Termeh & Toranj Restaurant One of the old houses of Yazd that is renovated and changed into a traditional restaurant.

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