WHY Safaiyeh Hotel?

Hotel Safaeiyeh Yazd has three separate sections and separate buildings. The oldest part is the old hotel, which is called the Garden Hotel because of its location in a large garden. The Garden Hotel was built in 1335 and was last renovated in April 2013. This section has 46 villas with private parking. In 1999, the other building of the Safaeiyeh Hotel, called Faz Hotel, was built at a distance from the Safaeiyeh Hotel and consists of two Phase 1 and Phase 2 buildings. Each phase has 2floors and 22 accommodation units. The complex has a circular courtyard surrounded by rooms. The newest part is the new hotel, built in 2007 at the entrance to the building. The new hotel has 3 floors and a total of 105 rooms and suites. Reception and office areas are located in the new hotel. The Faz Hotel is located between the new hotel buildings and the Safaeiyeh Hotel, a short distance from each other. The five-star Safaeiyeh Hotel in Yazd is a blend of traditional and modern architecture and has provided the guests with the satisfaction of providing quality service.

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Yazd, Safaeih، Mohammad Reza Karimi Yazdi


+98 31 3222 6010

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