Silk Road Restaurant

Yazd's Silk Road Restaurant is located in the oldest residential area of Yazd, registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Situated 100 meters from the magnificent mosque with its splendid minarets, and if you head to the hotel's rooftop, you will be amazed by the views of the adobe houses and wind towers. At the Silk Road Restaurant, guests can enjoy a variety of delicious meals along with a variety of drinks. Also, all the people who eat at this restaurant feel satisfied with the quality of its food. We recommend that you come to this restaurant. While the Iranian food here is very good, the delicious subcontinental curries are the most popular dishes among travellers, particularly those who've run out of patience with kababs. The sociable courtyard atmosphere makes for a pleasant evening. A wide choice of teas and fresh juices makes this a good place to pause while on a walking tour. The Silk Road Hotel is a favorite among backpackers in Yazd for its laidback atmosphere, charming central courtyard, and very reasonable rates. The traditional courtyard doubles up as an excellent restaurant with an unusually diverse selection of food. Given the Iranian diet’s strong aversion to hot spices, the curries are a rare treat. A great place to meet fellow travelers and young Iranians. Silk Road hotel serves food from 7.00 untill 23.00. Silk Road Hotel Restaurant traditional kitchen offers breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between. They have meat and vegetarian dishes for every budget. Served in the dining area or Iranian style on carpet beds. They served Yazdi specialties, Iranian, Mediterranean, and Caribbean dishes. They also have a traditional Coffee & Tea house, with several sorts of good coffee and an extensive range of herbal and medicinal teas.

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